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The Evolution Podclub (Podcast)

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You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. In an attractive universe you can repel nothing. Think positive thoughts and attract that which you prefer.

But what do you do with the negative thoughts that inevitably arise? How do you see those as for your benefit?

Jackie hosts The Evolution Podclub podcast in which she discusses a new approach to life. One based in love as opposed to fear. She discovered she was a channel after working with Gary Temple Bodley, who channels The Teachings of Joshua, and this podcast is a weekly discussion that she leads about this new approach as a creator and not a victim. 

She answers questions about how this empowering perspective applies to all aspects of everyone’s personal and professional lives, including her own. She guides others into getting into alignment so that they too can access or “channel” their inner guides at any time day or night. The podcast also includes a “One on One” series where she interviews others about how they implement similar perspectives into their own lives.  Shift your perspective from fear to love, and how to apply it to all major areas in your life in order to manifest the life of your dreams.

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*Inspired by Gary Bodley and The Teachings of Joshua. *Thank you Jordan Ballard.